eClimateNotebook Basic Subscription® - IPI’s web-based environmental data management system designed to help you document, analyze, and improve the storage environment for long-term preservation. Available at various subscription levels depending on institutional size.


  • Ease of use, powerful analysis of preservation quality, and extensive data management features
  • Upload, graph, and analyze data quickly and easily
  • IPI’s Preservation Metrics®, algorithms that calculate the rate of natural aging, the risk of mechanical damage, and the risk of mold growth
  • Reports designed for information sharing among collection care, facilities, and administrative staff
  • 5 institutional users
  • 10 location datasets


The Basic level meets the needs of most small to medium-size institutions. This level is compatible with the PEM2® and original PEM loggers, and includes the ability to upload data from a wide range of commonly used data loggers. It includes access to outdoor weather data, the Dew Point Calculator, interactive graphs with limit lines, IPI’s Preservation Metrics®, statistics to help with data analysis, and automated reports.

This is a 1-year subscription for an Basic account on To purchase multiple years, increase the product quanity when adding to the cart.

To view a full list of features and plans, visit:

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Price: $120.00