The Atlas of Water Damage on Inkjet-printed Fine Art

This atlas is intended to help readers become aware of the various ways that inkjet prints can be harmed during water emergencies. Each page highlights a different form of water damage that can affect inkjet-printed photographs and fine art. The preferred term for each type is given followed by a brief definition. The accompanying images illustrate common examples of damage that can occur, from small spills that affect only parts of a print to major floods that may saturate entire collections of prints with dirty or salt water. Every water emergency will be different, so prior familiarization with all potential types of damage will help disaster responders understand what has occurred to an object as well as how best to react to and recover their materials during the actual event. (Access the online version to look inside the book!)


  • Colorant Damage
  • Surface/Coating Damage
  • Support Damage
  • Glossary

Funding provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. 53 pages, softcover, 8” x 8”, no quantity discount. Price: $25.

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Price: $25.00