A-D Strips

A-D Strips, developed and manufactured by IPI, are dye-coated paper strips designed to detect and measure the severity of acetate deterioration ("vinegar syndrome") in film and other acetate collections. Vinegar syndrome is a slow form of chemical deterioration that causes film to shrink, buckle, and emit a strong vinegar odor. These acid-base indicator papers change color in the presence of acidic vapor given off by degrading film, providing an objective method to document the extent of vinegar syndrome and inform preservation needs. IPI received a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1997 for developing A-D Strips. Each package contains 250 detector strips (1.5" x 3/8") and a color reference card.

Instructions on how to use A-D Strips: https://filmcare.org/ad_strips

Note: in 2022, the product packaging was updated to include a five-color reference card instead of a pencil, and PDF instructions instead of a printed booklet.

Quantity Discount: $60 each for 1 to 9 packages, $48 each for 10+ packages. Contact us for a volume discount of $40 each for 300+ packages.

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Price: $60.00