Webinar: Assessing the Energy-saving Potential of a Facility

Live Webinar

Date: July 11, 2022

Time: 1:30-3:00pm EST

Instructor: Chris Cameron, Sustainable Preservation Specialist at Image Permanence Institute

Cost: $75

Registration deadline: July 5, 2022


The desire to implement energy-saving strategies is growing among cultural institutions. However, if a facility was not designed, insulated, or sealed properly, implementing certain energy-saving strategies can waste energy. Understanding the energy-saving potential of a facility requires a thorough evaluation of facility capabilities to inform educated decisions on the proper implementation of energy-saving strategies. With proper understanding of a facility, projections can be made including: how long environmental conditions can be sustained during HVAC shutdowns, whether or not the facility is insulated properly, or if errant sources of heat influence a room. This webinar will provide a basic introduction to how to evaluate the energy-saving potential of a collection facility.

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Price: $75.00